In days of old, you would place an ad, people would see it and if they were interested they just might come and buy it. Products and Services both worked this way.

Today, you might place an ad or do some social media marketing and the next thing you know is the potential customer you enticed bought it from your competitor.

Wait, why? How?

The why is something you have probably done yourself. You hear about or ask about a product or service you need. Maybe you heard about it from a radio ad or digital ad that cost that business good money.

What is the first things you do?

  • You visit the company’s website
  • You are either find great info on the product/service or you leave the site.
  • Maybe it was the site itself that turned you off
  • So now you search using your favorite search engine for the product or service near you and see all the competitors of this company
  • The first thing you will usually look at is the reviews

Did any of that sound familiar?

You see, we have so much information at our fingertips that for a business to gain customers they have to win at every stage of a customers journey.

The great news is that excelling throughout the entire customer journey and rising above your competitors is usually much easier than you think. Most of your competitors only have a vague idea of what they need to do.

If you are usually competing against multiple quotes from competitors it is even easier to stand out.

So here are some quick tips to win

  • Make sure you appear accurately on all possible listing sites
  • Be sure you have at least 1 to 2 new positive reviews posted on Google and Facebook each week
  • Employ a marketing automation and follow up strategy
  • Reduce friction for your potential customers to communicate with you
  • Reduce friction for your customers to buy from you
  • Never let them forget how much you care about them

Automated Marketing & Communications Systems make all the difference

Here is the great part of employing an automated marketing and communications system.

It increases your profits and reduces your work flow! Who wouldn’t want their business to make more money, improve their customer perception of them and return more frequently to purchase all while you work less.

Technology does not replace the personal touch, Technology enhances the personal touch!

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